Tadpole Prep is an early learning center located on State Road 16 in St. Augustine, Florida. We offer a safe and loving environment for children 12 months to five years old.
“We will let them be little, fill their hearts with laughter, help them grow wings, nurture their sense of wonder, inspire them to believe, and love them like there is no tomorrow!”
  • Social Development
    • Learning to get along in groups
    • Learning responsible behavior
    • Acquiring respect for individual differences
  • Emotional Development
    • Promoting positive self-image
    • Promoting trust, independence, and harmony
    • Developing self-control
  • Cognitive Development
    • Emerging literacy skills
    • Building number sense
    • Experiencing science, art, and music
  • Physical Development
    • Improving large and small muscle development
    • Improving hand/eye coordination
    • Encouraging hands on experiences
  •  Creative Development
    • Promoting active learning
    • Making choices

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